BLR Specialty Bath Salt Soak - Green Tea Detox


BLR Specialty Bath Salt Soak - Green Tea Detox BLR-GTDBS

Green Tea Detox Bath Salt Soak

Before You Detox:

~ Drink plenty of water! Your body is supposed to sweat out all the toxins, so you will need to keep your body as hydrated as possible.

~ Make sure someone else is home. Some people feel dizzy/light headed afterwards. Just in case you don’t feel well, it’s good to have someone there to help.
~ Allow your body to digest your food before taking a bath (i.e. don’t eat immediately beforehand).

The Detox:

~ Make sure the water temperature is hot, but comfortable.

~ Start mixing in the ingredients when the tub is about halfway full. Every now and then, swirl the water around to make sure everything is mixing/dissolving.
~ Stay in the tub for 20-40 minutes.
~ You can take these baths anywhere from once a day to once in a while, depending on how your body reacts to them.

After the Detox:

~ Get out of the bath slowly and carefully. If you feel dizzy/lightheaded, this feeling should go away after a few minutes.
~ Drink plenty of water! Your body sweated a lot, so you need to re-hydrate.
~ It is suggested to moisturize your skin with olive oil or coconut oil.
~ If you take a shower to rinse off, make sure the water is cool.

Detox Ingredients Used and Why:

Epsom Salt - The wonders of Epsom salt have been well known for hundreds of years and, unlike other salts, has beneficial properties that can soothe the body, mind, and soul. Some of the countless health benefits include relaxing the nervous system, curing skin problems, soothing back pain and aching limbs, easing muscle strain, healing cuts, treating colds and congestion, and drawing toxins from the body.

European Spa Sea Salts - are solar evaporated and harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They are produced using the ancient method of solar evaporation in a region that is free of pollution and has high evaporation rates. European Spa Salts are one of the purest salts in the world. All Natural.

Dendritic Salt (Sodium Chloride) - is a very fine grain salt with a greater surface area than most salts on the market. This greater surface area allows the salt to absorb twice the amount of oil. It has less clumping, greater fragrance retention and dissolves quickly in water. All Natural.

Baking Soda - is a natural particle that dissolves while cleansing the skin or in bath water. It is a natural alkaline that neutralizes acids and washes away oils and dirt. All Natural. USP Grade.

Bentonite Clay - is known to have an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. When the clay touches any type of fluid (normally water), it takes on a different charge and is thought to bind to any present toxins within the fluid. Bentonite clay essentially “seeks” toxins in the body to bind with because naturally any substance that has a missing ion (which gives it its “charge”) looks for oppositely charged types of substances that will make it complete. Upon binding, the clay is then able to help remove toxins, chemicals, impurities and “heavy metals” from the gut, skin and mouth.

Sea Clay - contains a ton of important nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfate, aluminum and iron. It’s amazing for hydrating and moisturizing your skin. It can also treat skin imperfections such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.Sea clay is great for oily skin because it has absorption properties.

Green Tea Powder - is made from the leaf of the green tea plant. Green Tea is a fantastic antioxidant and natural antiseptic. The natural antioxidants help remove toxins from your body. It can help restore balance and soothe irritated skin. Green tea also has natural antioxidants, which help in detoxing your body from toxins.

Bath Tea Blend - Contains: Chamomile, Rose Petals, Rosemary and Spearmint. This all natural tea comes with a natural aroma.

Lavender Essential Oil

Aromatic Scent: Balsamic woody undertone with a floral, herbaceous fresh scent.
*Caution: It should not be used directly in pregnant women or women who are currently breastfeeding.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Aromatic Scent: Cool minty aroma of fresh peppermint leaves.
*Cautions: The strong aroma and menthol content should be avoided during pregnancy.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Aromatic Scent: Rosemary Spanish-Standardized Essential Oil has a strong, clear, penetrating, camphoraceous and herbaceous aroma.
*Cautions: Rosemary Spanish-Standardized Essential Oil is generally non-toxic and non-sensitizing. It is not suitable for people with epilepsy or high blood pressure. Avoid in pregnancy since it is an emmenagogue.


Epsom Salt, European Spa Sea Salt, Sodium Chloride (Dendritic Salt), Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, Sea Clay, Green Tea Powder, Rosemary Leaf, Spearmint Leaf, Rose Petals, Chamomile Buds, Juniper Berries, Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil

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